Create an Unlimited Number of QR Codes. They Last Forever, With No Cap on the Number of Scans.

With our premium version, customers are able to create unlimited numbers of QR codes with an unlimited life span. Track all manner of codes with ease, and you’ll benefit from extra help when you need it — thanks to your Personal Support Manager.

You have 500 megabytes of uploaded file storage, which can be extended by 100 megabytes if you need more space. All at the most competitive prices in the industry.

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A Customizable Solution. Completely Advert-Free.

When you sign up for our premium version you can expect a customizable solution that is ideal for organizations that want more QR Codes, white labeling, API, and advanced add-on features. What’s more, all your QR codes are created and displayed without any advertising!

Add your own branding to campaigns, dashboard, and email templates. Benefit from multiple integrations. You can easily change the admin/account owner when needed.

Your first 14 days are free. Simply create an account to get started and give it a try.

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Select the Right Plan for Your Business.

Get deeper insights into user interests, demographics, customer behavior, and more. QR codes aren’t just black and white pixel heavy boxes — in fact, they can be made to look elegant, giving you the means to exercise your creativity in B2B marketing. An increasing number of organizations are embracing codes for precisely that reason.

Use QR codes to tie print media to your website. Our premium service helps you move one stage further — measuring results in a more granular fashion, based on leads and clicks.

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Why not tell the story of your business? Strengthen brand loyalty with video playlists or a documentary on your sourcing practices. With static and dynamic QR codes, our experienced professionals help you to do just that in the most original way.