How to Scan a QR Code?

A QR Code is installed inside the scanner device. Once the device is run on the QR Code, it decode the information stored in the QR code i.e. (like a mobile phone or web address etc.). A QR code is freely available to download from the App Store to all readers. To scan the QR code simply launch the app and wait until the camera automatically detects the QR code. Encoded content is displayed on the screen in seconds.

The user only needs to scan the code instead of writing long annoying data like a given text or a web address. A QR image can even be scanned and decoded through older mobile phone cameras without a necessary access to Internet QR code readers. However, internet QR code readers are still available for free, for less common and older platforms.

Using QR codes without Internet access is nowadays mostly limited to import business contacts and addresses, visit cards and phone calls or text messages. In particular QR code business cards are perfect to give others easy and typo free contact information.

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