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QR is an abbreviation for "Quick Response". A QR code is black and white dots (called the data pixels or "QR Code Module"). It is a two dimensional barcode (2D matrix code) that stores data and information. Two dimensional means that the data contained is not merely one dimensional (i.e. horizontally from left to right, such as the barcode placed on products like in a grocery store), but also it is contained in a second dimension (i.e. both vertical and horizontal).

In addition to the black and white version, you can create a colored QR code. For this code to work without problems, you have to be sure to have enough contrast and results (in terms of color).

The QR code was invented by the automotive industry. Toyota supplier Denso wanted to develop a barcode that can securely and easily identify components. QR code generator was originally used in industrial applications. It is easy to print out in terms of form and size, and it remains legible even in cases when dirty or partially destroyed.

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