How to Use Our QR Code Generator?

A QR code generator is used to store data within a QR code. Generating a QR code for a phone number, a website address or any other data can easily be done with our online QR code generator. Just choose the type of data you wish to generate a QR code for using the radio buttons, type in the information in their relative fields and save or share the QR code generated.

A QR Code is a 2 dimensional BARCODE

A barcode to put it simply is a machine-readable font. A barcode consists of of binary symbols that can be read opto-electronically. Generally, barcodes are used as an optical machine-readable labels placed on objects and that contain information about the object to which they are attached. The most popular type of bar code used on the packaging of products and can be encountered at any grocery store. Because of its ubiquity, the term "barcode" is often used as a synonym for the UPC-A bar code symbol, although there are many other types of barcodes.

Use our QR code generator to generate 2 dimensional barcodes.